Cooperation projects

Cooperation projects

We are offering you a chance to form long-term business partnerships with, an opportunity that you should not overlook! The business world is 

ruthless and the competition is fierce, teamwork is essential when it comes to success. 

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Please refer your family, relatives, friends to our site, you will get high commission

1. 5% commission rate for first transactions that the buyers you refer to our site. 

Please note that the sale does not include the shipping fee, except when the merchandize 

is described as "Free Shipping".

2. 2 % sale commission for transactions of returning customers that you referred to our 


3. All transactions must be in status "shipped" and there must not be complaints filed 

for replacement or refund requests in 15 days. 

4. We will sum up the total commission you get every month. And your Commission amounts 

can be used to buy items on our site, we can also send money by pay pal to you.  You can 

decide it.

5. If any replacement or refund requests occur with an order made during the previous 

calendar month for which a commission amount has already been paid, a deduction will be 

made on your total commission.

Thanks for your reference!